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Mega Twister SP Vertical

Mega Twister SP Vertical

Cost-effective, Pull-Tight Meter Seals

The Mega Twister SP is a high quality and cost-efficient sealing solution for all kinds of meters. The additional protection cap and unique locking design make it a very secure seal – highly tamper evident. Features the same unique secure locking features as Mega Twister SP but with a bigger flag to accommodate a large barcode.

The Mega Twister SP BC Vertical is the latest development with unique and innovative features. It has a new 2-color design to increase the security level even further and facility a bigger flag for barcode options.

Typical applications for the Mega Twister include utility meters, scales, gasoline pumps, drums and totes.

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Mega Twister SP Vertical Features

  • Color coding with the Mega Twister Vertical is possible with the transparent body of the seal and the multi-colored twister.
  • Heat staking technology is used to effectively permanently affix the Twister cap in the seal body. This provides high tamper evidence if the seal is cut or forced open.
  • The seal is etched with name, logo, sequential numbering and barcode using permanent laser marking for security and easy identification.
  • Laser marking offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed or replaced.

Download Datasheet

Download Mega Twister SP Vertical Datasheet