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Mega Tyvek Security Label

Mega Tyvek Security Label

Tamper Evident Tyvek Security Labels

The Tamper Evident Mega Tyvek label is designed for maximum strength and durability. The Mega Tyvek can be used for cable labelling, as wrist bands, jewellery tagging and a host of other applications that require a durable anti-tear material with permanent adhesion.


  • Mega Tyvek is a matt-white, calendared and corona-treated face film made from spun-bonded polyolefin fibres. It has extremely high tear strength coupled with good weather and chemical resistance for enhanced durability in a range of extreme conditions.
  • Our permanent RP33 adhesive is specially developed for use with the Mega Tyvek, supplying good tack and the high cohesion needed for adhesive-toadhesive applications where the label folds onto itself.
  • Mega Tyvek is typically used for cable labelling, but also delivers just the right functionality in end-uses such as carat and price markings on jewellery and spectacle frames, and as wrist bands in hospital use or access control at events.