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The Range of High Security, Tamper Proof Bolt Seals from Mega Fortris

Mega Fortris UK manufactures a range of Bolt Seals. Bolt Seals are strong locking devices that act as a ”one-time usable padlock”. Mega Fortris UK Bolt Seals are ISO 17712:2013 certified which are classified as ”high-security seals”, this is one of the several requirements a bolt seal must meet, in order to be compliant with C-TPAT regulations. Our bolt seals can be placed onto trailer or containers without the use of any form of equipment, however, in order to remove…

When is a Security Seal NOT a Security Seal?

We start this blog with a question which may be of significance in the current market of Loss Prevention and in fact any industry which use various forms of transportation for their goods. Looking into the recent trend many organisations look to save as much as possible many opting to do this within their operational costs. However do we realise the consequences of this? We’re referring more to the security costs of cargo transportation. Though we agree it is essential…