Mega Fortris becomes Halal Food Friendly

Mega Fortris becomes Halal Food Friendly

In recent years we have seen a dramatic growth in the use of Halal food across the world. This includes major countries across Western Europe including the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France and many other regions. The use of Halal food in commercial industries has always been a challenge for businesses in western countries.

However, organizations have acknowledged the growing demand to supply Halal Food, and are making efforts to provide for this demand. Becoming a Halal Food approved supplier isn’t as easy as it seems. Many consumers have found not all suppliers are following the correct procedures in preparing the food, such as not using the approved equipment required to process Halal food. Those that do process Halal food only focus on the processing of the food itself, which does not count towards being Halal food approved.
Halal food regulations clearly state the organization must follow the correct processing procedures of the food, and also use the approved equipment to process the Halal food. With this in mind companies have found short supply of approved equipment for processing Halal food such as Packaging, and Sealing tools. These are the main two equipments which come directly in contact with the food. Therefore it is very important for these two products to meet the Halal Regulations.
In order to provide for the developing Halal market, Mega Fortris has developed a pull tight sealfor use in the Food Industry. The Fast seal is available in different versions and can be made to different lengths and colors. The raw materials from our supplier were already approved by governing food authorities including the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). And have recently been accepted in the Halal Food industry as an approved manufacturer for the plastic. This means that the Fast Seal and other plastic security seals in our product range can be used for securing Halal foods.
Furthermore the supplier of the plastic which we use to manufacture our seals have recently stated in an article that their products have been approved by the Iraqi Embassy in Denmark with the Fast Seal the first choice seal to be used for all forms of Halal Foods processing, Packing and transportation. The unique features of the fast seal make it the ultimate seal for meat tagging when going through the Halal Meat procedures. The security seal tag allows serial numbering and bar-coding to be laser marked on the surface of the seals to ensure each batch of seal is unique. This ensures efficient monitoring of meat and shows any signs of tampering at the same time.
The Fast seal is extremely versatile as it can be placed on various applications due to its strength and durability allowing the user to know if the application has been tampered with, without allowing easy access to the application itself.


• The Fast Seals are etched with permanent laser marking for names offering highest level of security as it cannot be removed and replaced.
• Heat staking technology is used to permanently fix the cap to the Fast Seal. With the resulting bonds, heat staked parts cannot be cut or forced open without leaving clear evidence of tampering.
• A floating metal clip is securely shielded by a cap, providing great locking strength and security.
• The Various length and thickness of the Fast seal give the user a choice to match different applications.
• Color coding is made possible by having a variety of our standard color seal with white based caps.
Though Mega Fortris are already using material to manufacture their seals which the supplier states has been approved by the Iraqi Embassy in Denmark we are still working towards becoming more Halal Foods friendly. Even though we are already FDA approved we believe we can do more to ensure we are able to provide seals to all types of industries. Our commitment to provide seals to all food sectors is well under way with our headquarters taking the lead in this process.
Watch this space for our next segment on Halal Food seals; we will ensure to keep all our readers updated with our progress.

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