Mega Fortris Introduces Cabin Security Labels

Mega Fortris Introduces Cabin Security Labels

Mega Fortris would like to introduce their latest Security label which has been specifically designed for the airline cabin use, the “Cabin Security Labels”. The security label does exactly what the name says; it’s used within the airline industry to secure cabin bags and shows a clear sign if tampering has occurred.

The Cabin Security Label is a tamper evident security label which splits with security cuts when removed, metallized side on the outside with silicone back liner, die cut and corona treated and top coated for thermal printing, black surface print and numbers.

Cabin Security Labels have been designed for use on surfaces of all types making this a versatile seal which can also be used for other applications within the aviation industry.

The labels have been designed specially to not leave any residue on the application making this the perfect seal for use within the cabin and airports. In order to replace the residue feature which most seals offer, the manufacturing process was changed to make the label split when it has been peeled open.

Thus leaving behind parts of the label stuck to the application itself, this will leave behind signs of tampering. Also due to this cut feature in the label, if the label has been opened, the intruder will not be able to stick the label back in the same position.

The Cabin Security Label is the perfect seal to be used in the aviation industry due to its unique features of non-residue tamper evidence and label cut technology.

Mega Fortris have been working with the aviation industry for many years and have been a primary supplier of security seals and security labels. They already hold a vast range of high security seals and tamper evident security solutions.

Mega Fortris is a leading manufacturer and specialist designer of security seals, tamper-evident products and integrated security solutions. We design, innovate, manufacture and supply high quality, tamper-evident security seals and solutions to customers internationally – including industry leaders in transportation, aviation, pharmaceuticals, jewelery, oil and gas, banking and cash-in-transit, postal services, defense , utilities, casinos and entertainment, and much more.