Why pay extra for a premium seal?

Why pay extra for a premium seal?

The market for security seals is so saturated now that many organizations have been in bidding wars and many consumers have resorted to purchasing cheap low quality seals.

We at Mega Fortris are very proud at the quality of the security seals we manufacture and believe we are here to cater for organizations who would like to secure their goods at a reasonable price and receive a high quality security seal. We believe many organizations have become so caught up in the mindset of making everything cheaper at any cost that we are actually losing money in the process.

Case Study:

Mega Fortris were recently contacted by a firm shipping their goods worldwide. They were using low quality seals at a very cheap price. They were fairly surprised at the fact that even though they were using bolt seals to secure their containers there were still a high percentage of thefts.

This is when we bought to their attention that it is not the seal that you place on the application which prevents a theft; it’s the quality of the seal. We introduced the firm to our flagship product the 2K Klicker Bolt seal and they were over whelmed at the quality of our seal as well as the security it provided.

Though the 2K Klicker was a little more expensive product the organizations were saving money on not only the goods not being stolen but also the cost of a theft. The organization confirmed that after the use of Mega Fortris 2K Klicker they saved money on the goods, cost of investigation of the theft and the cost of insurance premium went down the following year.

Furthermore after the use of the 2K Klicker bolt seal the organization also stated that they had decreased their cost of loss prevention.

UK Customs Group 1 Accepted Seal – 2K Clicker

The 2K Klicker is the first container bolt seal in the world to feature a unique two colors in its design. The 2K Klicker is a high security bolt seal, certified to ISO 17712 Clause 5 and 6.

  • Features: A strong tamper-evident mechanical seal, the Klicker 2K consists of a hardened steel pin and bush molded with resilient high-impact ABS. With immense tensile strength and anti-spin locking mechanisms, the Klicker 2K is a fortified container bolt seal widely used in shipping, securing intermodal containers and ground transportation.
  • Hardened steel pin and bush for added security.The pin and bush are molded with high-impact ABS to provide high tamper evidence.
  • The 2K Klicker cannot be cloned due to its unique 2 color ABS Plastic.
  • Oval-shaped pin and bush to mitigate ‘spin attacks’.
  • The anti-locking mechanism prevents friction and only allows 1-way locking.
  • Identical sequential numbers on both parts provide greater security as it prevents parts substitution or replacement.
  • Laser marking offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed or replaced.
  • Two colors for improved product definition, visibility and identification, marking variations and increased operation efficiency.


So in essence though many firms believe they are saving money when they purchase a cheap seal, they may be creating more costs when a theft occurs. Go for a quality security seal to actually save money in the long run.